We solve objectives with imagination, process and data, using the fastest & most efficient path.

Our elevator pitch.

One of the biggest reasons new products or features fail is because no one actually wants them.

How can you avoid this? You take an idea and you test it with real users using a series of rapid, clever experiments. These experiments reduce risk & uncertainty and confirm with strong evidence, that an idea is very likely to succeed…. or not. Realising the ‘or not’ scenario quickly can save your business significant money and heartache; it might be disappointing at the time but at least you know.

This is what we specialise in. We take business ideas and objectives, apply some imagination and where possible test them in real world scenarios. We then arm you with facts and data that can tell you if you're on the right course and make tough decisions, surprisingly straightforward.

The data we can generate also looks great to stakeholders, which is always nice.

what we can do for you.

how much does it cost?

A budget of £10,000 - £30,0000 can take you from an ideation phase through to confirming with strong evidence that a concept is very likely to succeed.

Our process is flexible however, so there’s plenty of scope to add or remove parts of it depending on your needs and budget.

The best place to start is with an intro call where we can learn more and walk you through different options.

how do you integrate with existing teams?

Often our clients come to us through a realisation that their own internal teams are too busy or lack the necessary experience, skills or pace to meet a particular objective.

In this respect we can be regarded as a highly skilled, specialist team for hire that rapidly gets a project off the ground. Once it's in flight we can step out of the cockpit and hand over control.

We generally work with management to achieve their goals and may call upon specialist teams within the organisation such as marketing. We are self-sufficient in UX, UI and full-stack development.

What can I expect from the process?

Our methodology and processes dramatically increase your chances of success but the only thing we can guarantee is creativity and data. Data that tells you more about your business objective and whether or not it is likely to succeed in contact with the real world and real users.

We help you to validate your business objectives to rapidly move forward, or 'fail fast' in the process so that you can pivot or move on more quickly without  expending further capital.

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