User Experience Designer.

The role involves creating both long term visionary innovation where you will attempt to be a disruptive force within industries, as well as day to day product design, where the UX you create today will be pushed live within two weeks generating immediate real world feedback on your solutions.

The role.

As a Senior UX Designer/Architect you would be responsible for:
Leadership and Collaboration: lead and mentor junior team members, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and serve as a primary point of contact for UX design and user-centric decision-making.

Strategy Development: Define and execute UX strategies in alignment with overall business objectives and user needs. Continuously assess, improve, and innovate user experience solutions to drive optimal performance.

User Research and Analysis: Conduct user research, such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing, to gather insights about user behaviour, needs, and motivations. Analyse and synthesise research findings to inform design decisions.

Information Architecture: Design and optimise information architecture, including content organisation, navigation, and labelling, to facilitate intuitive and efficient user experiences.

Interaction Design: Develop high-quality interaction designs and user flows that clearly communicate design intent, interaction patterns, and usability considerations. Ensure designs are accessible, inclusive, and adhere to established UX principles.

Wireframing and Prototyping: Create detailed wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes to effectively communicate design concepts to stakeholders and developers.

Visual Design: Collaborate with UI designers to ensure visual designs align with user experience goals, brand guidelines, and established design systems.

Design Documentation: Create and maintain design documentation, including design specifications, style guides, and pattern libraries, to support development, QA, and future design initiatives.

Usability Testing and Evaluation: Plan, conduct, and analyse usability tests to validate design solutions and identify areas for improvement. Make data-driven design decisions based on qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Stakeholder Communication: Present UX designs, research findings, and recommendations to stakeholders in a clear and persuasive manner, effectively addressing concerns and incorporating feedback as appropriate.

Continuous Learning and Development: Stay current with UX design trends, tools, and best practices to ensure the delivery of cutting-edge solutions that meet or exceed user expectations.

Project Management: Oversee multiple UX projects simultaneously, ensuring deliverables are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

The candidate.

We are looking for someone who loves expressing creativity, who preferably comes from a design or analytical background and has knowledge and experience in the principles of User Experience (UX).  However we may be open to people from unusual but complementary backgrounds.

We are looking for candidates who are curious and inventive, who enjoy coming up with interesting ideas and are able to effectively communicate and articulate not only the what, but the why they are suggesting something. Being able to articulate this thinking in Miro is essential.

A successful candidate will have an interest in human nature and the people they could one day design products for; they will benefit from having high levels of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Since communicating and debating ideas can be challenging the ideal candidate will be a relaxed and confident communicator, with excellent soft skills.

About us.

Bettor Faster is an innovative, UX focused studios specialising in the design and development of fintech, AI, travel, sports betting and iGaming products. There are 23 amazing people in our team, working across 6 countries.

Strong product strategy is at the heart of everything we do- this enables us to design amazing products and prove they’re likely to be a success before we build them.

We're growing at 200% per year for the last 2 years despite having no sales team and turning away 90% of new business. Instead we choose a small selection of only the most interesting and exciting projects and clients to work with, then go epic journeys with them.

One of the things we do best is innovation. We help large organisations act like startups to create new, exciting and often risky and unproven products. This is an area that they usually struggle with and they come to us because we have amazing processes that help de-risk these new ideas and validate them with real world data.

Sometimes when you work in agencies or for large organisations it’s hard to feel effective. Often you find yourself working on projects for months or even years before they see the light of day. Not at Bettor Faster. The clue is in our name! We specialise in rapid execution and validation of our ideas, so most of the time you will see the product of your effort and skills live and in the hands of real users in under two weeks. You’ll then get to see exactly what happened next which is exciting, rewarding and sometimes maddening!

Because we specialise in innovation, we often work with emerging technology and experiment with combining different technologies together in madcap or unconventional ways. This means that by working at Bettor Faster you will hopefully be exposed to lots of different ideas and concepts. From designing the logic flow for a game to crafting ChatGPT prompts. From creating interactive testing prototypes to designing experiments to rapidly test an interesting hypothesis.

Our areas of focus are in Fintech, Travel, Sports Betting and iGaming, Crypto and Artificial Intelligence. Our clients range from one of the world’s largest trading brokers to a multimillion pound travel startup.

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